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Nutraceuticals Now: Recoverben® - Science-based, natural support for sports nutrition

Today, people take sports really serious and want to get the best effect out of their effort. Even amateurs look for possibilities to improve their training like professionals. Consequently, the market demand is high for safe, natural ingredients, with scientifically-proven beneficial effects to improve physical performance. Increased sports nutrition knowledge among non-elite sportspeople and lifestyle users is driving growth of the sports nutrition market.

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Ausschreibung Masterarbeit

Vital Solutions GmbH in Kooperation mit Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin, FB V Lebensmitteltechnologie bietet zum Sommersemester 2019 folgende Masterarbeit an: "Entwicklung innovativer Getränkeapplikationen mit einem funktionellen Zitronenmelisse-Extrakt"

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NutraCos: Recoverben® – for Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition products and consumer demand Today’s consumers are well-informed and are looking for natural, safe and science-based products. They carefully check the product’s label, looking for simple and transparent ingredient lists. They are looking for certifications, which verify product’ quality and safety. Therefore, organic, vegetarian, WADA tested, Non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified ingredients are preferred.

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People's health is the focus on our entrepreneurial business activity

Natural products for you 

Vital Solutions works globally in the field of natural specialty ingredients for use in food, functional food, dietary supplements, and traditional herbal medicines. It is an innovative and fast growing company specialized in the development and marketing of high quality, innovative, natural, science-based, proprietary, branded health ingredients. Over the past years we have created an innovative product portfolio and pipeline, capable of delivering sustainable sales growth.

Science for a better future

Based on a market-orientated dynamic and strong R&D platform, we develop innovative ingredients dedicated to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better, age well, and live longer. We generate valid scientific facts by phytochemical investigations, identification of mode of action, and confirmation of beneficial effects in human studies. This helps us to bring effective natural ingredients to the market, serving consumer demands without limitations by taste and technological feasibility.