People's health is the focus of our entrepreneurial business activities

Vital Solutions develops innovative condition specific ingredients which serve consumer demands for health prevention and help to reduce health care costs.

Over the past four years we have created an innovative product portfolio and pipeline, capable of delivering sustainable sales growth.

Based on a market-orientated dynamic strong R&D platform, we focus on the development of natural ingredients which improve quality of human life by feeling good and aging well.

The key element in peoples quality of life is mental and physical mobility, both needed to be happy and to live a full life, particularly during aging.

A healthy brain and a healthy gut are the key steering organs for digestion, metabolism and the generation of physical energy, mental energy, hormones and neurotransmitter which steer human vital functions and mobility.

To keep both organs working a good diet and a healthy lifestyle may not be enough. It is recommended to support digestion, metabolism and protection of the human DNA to maintain mobility and slow down aging.

This is the reason, why our research is focused on digestive health, metabolism, brain health and anti-aging. A healthy body is a beautiful body and people who feel comfortable and attractive have a positive attitude towards life, which consequently supports health.













Vital Solutions Swiss AG announces the launch of its patent pending health ingredient with SIRT1 activity - Careless® supports healthy metabolism and well aging

Tägerwilen, Switzerland, 19. April 2014 Life expectancy is continuously increasing, throughout the world 606 million people are aged 60 or over. Seniors, aging baby boomers and also younger individuals are keen to stay healthy and to prevent early signs of aging. more ...

Nutracos Cosmetics: Evenise™ discover the African spirit for even skin

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Nutraceutical Business Review: Lemon balm - the smart way to cognitive health

Being smart is important to keep up with our performance based society Consumers are more frequently looking for natural support to cope with the daily demands of a high workload, stress and family issues in a cool-headed, focused and structured way without compromising their long-term health. more ...

Food Design 01.2014, Bluenesse publication in German "Natürliche Hilfe gegen Stress"

Physischer Stress gilt als bedeutendes Gesundheitsrisiko. Ein neuartiger Zusatzstoff für Lebensmittel und Nahrungsergänzungsmittel kann langfristige negative Folgen reduzieren und die geistige Leistungsfähigkeit verbessern. more ...

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